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Hammer SM40

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Drives fence posts, sign posts, guard rails, median dividers, tent stakes, T-posts, pipe fence, and railroad ties with ease. Model SM40 has a 40” drop hammer design. With this innovative design, you can achieve a full stroke with every cycle or utilize the short stroke feature to fine tune your depth. The Hammer DOES NOT operate with springs, hydraulic cylinder, or return line. Grapple option can be added a true one-person operation (does not include t-posts). The grapple option allows the operator to grab a post off the ground, load it into the machine, and drive it in the ground without leaving the skid-steer seat. Tilt option allows up to 20° in each direction. The hammer weight is 300 lbs. from the factory. Additional weight can be added for a total of 500 lbs. 
  • 82,000# of Impact Force
  • 40' Stroke
  • 300-500# Hammer Weight
  • 35 Strokes per minute
  • Free fall weight design creates smooth operation with less shock back to the vehicle
  • 3/4" steel plate protects the top of the post from Hammer weight damage
  • Maximum impact force achieved with every stroke
  • Ability to short stroke to fine tune post depth
  • Top of post is contained preventing kickout
  • No setup required, it’s ready to go to work
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Easily Drives posts from Tent Stakes up to Railroad Ties.
  • OPTIONAL Hydraulic grapple allows one person to pick up, load, and drive posts. 
  • OPTIONAL Tilt feature available. 
  • OPTIONAL T-post adapter available.
  • OPTIONAL 200# can be added for 500# total weight.
  • OPTIONAL Concrete Breaker for up to 9" thick material.
NOTE:  If difficult driving conditions and post/pipe diameter is 5" or smaller, and you have a helper, the Donut Strike Plate must be purchased separately. If driving with one person, the  Horseshoe Strike Plate is a better option.

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