In short, 9Band Supply is all about Good Stuff, at Good Prices, from Good People.  We strive to be the people our dogs think we are, and treat our Customers like family.  Unlike many companies these days, we only sell products we use, or would use if we had the same need.  Our customers work hard for their dollar, we do too.  Sure, we need to make a profit, but we do so balancing service with value.  Fair.  That’s our goal for every relationship.  Period.

About the name…  Armadillos are tough, adaptive, and just cool little critters.  Plus, the Nine-Banded Armadillo is the official Small Mammal of Texas. Being proud and unapologetic Texans, we feel Gonzales, San Jacinto, and the Alamo, are hallowed ground.  We drink Shiner and Garrison Brothers, listen to Roger Creager, Casey Donahew, Flatland Calvary, and the like.  Even so, we think the world has enough “Longhorn This” or “Lone Star That”.  In a chips & salsa fueled fit of inspiration and creativity, the 9Band Supply was born.  Our apologies if you were hoping for something more dramatic.

9-Banded Armadillo Fun Facts:

  • “Dasypus novemcinctus” in Latin.
  • Unlike the 3-Banded Armadillo, the 9-Banded cannot roll itself into a ball.
  • Inflates its intestines to float across bodied of water, deflates to walk on bottom.
  • Holds it breath for up to six minutes while digging for food or in water.
  • Makes its home in burrows up to 7-feet deep by 25-feet long.
  • Live to be 12-15 years old, assuming they dodge enough cars.
  • Original Texas State mammal in 1927 (Longhorns, Mexican free-tailed Bat, and Blue Lacy were added over the years)